Happy Holidays!      Sellers and Buyers are savvy these days. On your internet, go to Google. Put in your address and search. Watch all the pages come up on the listing of your home. If your home is being advertised with other agencies, your agent is working for you. He/She is getting your home exposed to others agencies and buyers.    If agents and brokers can sell your home, where is the offer? I have found everyone wants the listings. However, once you find someone who will work for you, which you will find out after googling your address, if they are or not, then you can decide which direction you would like to take.   Zillow and Trulia has a special place on their sites, where every week or two weeks, the agent can put in your address and they will automatically shoot you feedback on how many people have looked at your home.    If your home is not selling, please take into consideration of the present market, where your home is located and sit back and think: You can NOT put a price tag on memories. My husband and I had to "bite the bullet" to move on with our lives and take a small hit on our home.Hope this has helped.